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Larger than Life

I love her too

This story is about a man who is forced to leave his wife in a rural place to work in the city.

While working there he finds a girlfriend. As usual with double relationships, the other woman won't like to see the man expressing love to the other woman.

Modern technology has reached even the most remote areas of our country and by giving his wife a cellular phone they can communicate without clumsy letters with long delays. The cell phone reduces loneliness and the abuse felt by woman left home to look after children. Now it is a phone call away from their husbands.

The girlfriend gets jealous and angry when she finds the man talking to his wife.

I used the mermaid and given her a cell phone to show that technology allows contact anywhere, even under water.

Everyone needs a cell phone for communication and to ply their trade. The impact of cell phones on our lives and the world is enormous.

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