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Behind the Ochre Curtain 2013 | UJ Art Gallery

Craig Müller’s new body of work constitutes a series of mini forays into subjects and concepts mythological or historic; imagined and simultaneously probable in their physical form. His portraits and figures are illusory and anonymous, conveying concepts in an obvious linear development although the works are not ordered chronologically.

There is however a coincidental as opposed to deliberate visiting upon pertinent issues as well, such as social, environmental and personal aspects which an inquisitive and experimenting soul naturally explores.

Müller departs from his signature sculptural forms in wood and metal to two dimensional works– a step he considers to be better suited to his subject matter. The freezing of an object or environment in so called time with a choice of dramatic lighting or colours is thus opposed to flexibility of an actual object in this sense.

Colour serves as a visual prop, as does line support the work structurally. “I don’t consider myself a colourist or graphic artist, but merely an artist with tools to create, imagine and express however the medium allows in my hands”.

Information courtesy of UJ Arts and Culture

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