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Dreaming the new - Television collaboration

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Dreaming the New: The Nature of creativity

Aired on: Tuesday, 16 September 2008 at 21h00


The nature of creativity follows three South African visual artists - Mthunzi Ndimande, Danelle Janse van Renburg and Nthabiseng Montshiwa as they reveal the nature of their creativity, their thoughts on education, on curating exhibitions, public art, and most importantly, the love of art itself.

The three artists enroll in an Addict Creative Lab workshop, and the decide to collaborate on an art piece to brand South Africa The documentary traces their progress in its different stages and the rush to finish on time. What is the pressure of collaboration? How does it affect an artist’s process?

Global creative think tank - Addictlab.com

From all three artists we investigate arts education, as well as methods and materials that inspire the process of creativity. We discover how they use assimilated concepts, imagery and artifact to exemplify the skewed concepts of cultural and economic domination, the immorality of violence and transmute those self same images to manifest a new vision of humanity and hopes for a new civilization.

They tell us what the process of creativity is in their work, what drives them, and why they are drawn to create.

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