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"In creating a body of works that is conceptually related, I allow my art works to feed one another – constantly allowing the works to “talk back” to me. I would either expand the theme and technical insight or respond by subverting a previous work. Digital prints of imaginary and collages of peculiar collections of media, speak of systems of belonging. Installations and a range of paintings and drawings consider intermedial dynamics of a body of work."

In her doctoral research project TRANSCODE// dialogues around multimedia practice (2011) Gwen worked with 13 other artists who all explored the intermedial relationship between analogue and digital art. Accepting that our thinking is a complex system that is influenced by context, this project searches for the ways our art-making is shaped by specific understandings of processes and mediations. Miller’s solo Enfolding (2020), reflect on how awareness is enfolded and only partially revealed, and how the memory process is layered, enabling only selective clarity.

"As intermedia artist, I work between analogue and digital art boundaries to determine new avenues for expressive work. These explorations aim at more than technical mediation, but rather look at the reciprocity between cultural domains and systems of thinking. In general, a theoretical research focus of intermediality, transmediality and practice-led research guides my practice. My art forms part of an on-going series of works which deals with the tensioned structures of ordering. It is a contemplation of a system that is constructive but also flawed."

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