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About The Artist

Artist Photo

John Mark Moore, was schooled at St. John's College - Houghton, Matriculated in 1990. Studied at Wits Technikon, completed one year in Graphic Design, but qualified as a Fine Artist in 1993. Completed a High Diploma - with Distinction - in Fine Art, ending with a solo exhibition in Prints.

Registered for a Masters Degree in 1997. Completed a teachers training course at Wits Technikon. Teaching posts that he has held include: Crawford College in Lonehill, Wits Technikon, St. Andrews School, St. John's College and Parktown College. Assisted Philippa Hobbs as a technical printer, from 1993 to 1996.

He has donated funds to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and has created specific works for charity fund raising, e.g., Red Nose Day where the work was used as advertising on signboards throughout the country he also did a commission for Life Line. He completed a work for Mandela's Children Fund, which was donated to charity.

His most recent donation was a colour woodblock for National AIDS day. He has had several exhibitions, both solo and combined with other artists, in South Africa and overseas.

His passion has always been Southern African wildlife, having grown up in Johannesburg and spending countless holidays in the bush. His interaction with the wildlife led to a growing desire to produce wildlife art depicting their interaction in nature.

He chose the printmaking medium because it enables one to produce editions and therefore is accessible to more people.

He is very nature conscious and often produces work that depicts the plight of endangered species. His intention is to represent wildlife from a conceptual point of view, where the viewer can gauge their own interpretation of the work and allow it to speak to them.

Artist CV

John Mark Moore, born 27th June 1972. Now living in Johannesburg.

His Hobbies include Birdwatching, drawing, reading, wildlife, printing and scuba diving


  • 1990: Matriculated St. John’s College, Houghton, Johannesburg.
  • 1993: Technikon Witwatersrand - National Diploma Fine Art. Specialised in sculpture, printmaking, drawing and art history
    Distinctions in printmaking and sculpture
  • 1995: Technikon Witwatersrand - Qualified Higher Diploma in printmaking
  • 1996: Technikon Witwatersrand - Teachers Training course



  • Solo exhibition at Gordart @ The Thompson Gallery (July – August ‘05)
  • Solo exhibition at Tina Skukan Gallery, Pretoria (October ‘05)
  • Group exhibition, Ansisters (August – September ‘05)


  • Group exhibition at Chicago, USA (November ’04)
  • Baobab linocuts printed as banners, will be on a world wide show promoting SA Tourism
  • Solo exhibition at Merely Mortal, Northcliff
  • Group exhibition at Gordart @ The Thompson Gallery
  • Collaborative exhibition, Bonolo Botshelo at Museum Africa
  • Group exhibition at the opening of Gallery @ 157, Jan Smuts ave
  • Group exhibition at Artspace, Fairlands, Ani[male]
  • Group exhibition at Tina Skukan Gallery, Pretoria, Joy exhibition
  • Group exhibition at Johannesburg Art Gallery
  • Solo exhibition at Johannesburg Zoo, in commemoration of Max the gorilla
  • Erika Hibbert fundraiser at Gordart @ The Thompson Gallery
  • Group exhibition at The Cape Gallery, Cape Town
  • Taught Etching and Advanced Etching intensive course at Pretoria Technikon
  • Printmaking workshops at St John’s College, Johannesburg and Artist Proof Studios, Newtown
  • Group exhibition at Ekurhuleni


  • Participated in the Brett Kebble Art Awards
  • Christmas Group Exhibition at Gordart @ The Thompson Gallery
  • Group Exhibition at HM International, Rosebank
  • Opening Group Exhibition at Gordart @ The Thompson Gallery
  • Solo Exhibition at Visual Arts in Melville
  • Exhibition at Boyden, Parktown North
  • Exhibition at Gallery 88 in Sasolburg
  • Took part in the ABSA Atelier
  • Completed the Recording History series
  • Completed the baboon series


  • IDC, Sandton
  • Completed the Muse series
  • Completed the little five series and a hornbill series
  • Donated works which went on exhibition at RMB in Cape Town, funds raised for AIDS
  • Exhibition at Art on Paper in Melville, January 2002. Exhibited the Muse series and Whale series.
  • Appeared on Radio Today


  • Exhibition held at the Castle in Kyalami, end August
  • Exhibition held at Gallery 88 in Sasolburg, 24th October
  • Completed work on the whale lithographs
  • Did a set of Pastel drawings of baboons
  • Appeared on the Toasty show
  • Appeared on Radio 2000


  • International exhibition at Bayer in Germany, which travelled the country for two months.
  • Made works available on the internet this year, at various sites, including Africam.com
  • Designed the CD cover for the new Q Zoo album (formerly Q-Kumba Zoo)
  • Exhibition held at Gallery 88 in Sasolburg, followed by another in Potchefstroom.
  • Donated a work to South Africa National Birds of Prey centre, in order to raise funds for their centre.
  • Completed the dolphin series and whale series


  • Started up the Art department at Crawford College in Lonehill, which opened this year.
  • Participated in various exhibitions as well as a solo show at Millennium Gallery in Pretoria.
  • Donated a print to the Aids foundation in order to raise funds for the Aids cause.
  • Completed a series of drawings, exhibited for the first time in eight years.
  • Completed a Saint Series of prints, consisting of 10 Baboon etchings.
  • Completed a couple of private commissions.
  • Participated in a Print Exchange with Belgium. 54 Artists were chosen to design a playing card, and the prints were later made into a proper deck of cards.


  • Head of printmaking department at Parktown technical college.
  • Group exhibition at Visual Arts in Melville as well as a solo exhibition at Magnus Heystek’s new offices.
  • Was asked by the Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund to donate a piece of art to auction. Decided on an oil painting due to time restraints. The picture was auctioned in the Johannesburg city hall during a Gala event where President Mandela signed the painting. Two million Rand was raised for the Children’s fund. The work was bought by Tony O’ Reilley.
  • Donated a print to the Johannesburg Art Gallery to raise funds for “Friends of the Art Gallery”
  • Donated a print commissioned for Lifeline to assist with fund raising.
  • Currently teaching printmaking part-time at the Technikon Fine Arts Department.
  • Assisting with senior art teaching at St Andrew’s School, Bedfordview.
  • Invited to participate in two print exchange portfolios, both in America: at Pennsylvania University and the Southern Graphics Printmaking Conference -
  • I continue to practice photography and have a dark room filled with enlarger, developing tanks and trays in my studio.
  • Solo exhibition in Sasolburg at the end of April held at Gallery 88. The show compiled 30-40 works, many of which were sold.
  • Participated in the St John’s College centenary art exhibition in June.


  • Head of Printmaking department at Parktown College.
  • Completed a scuba diving course and have trained up to a dive master level.
  • Exhibited at Carfax, an art space in the cultural centre of Johannesburg. This exhibition toured France and Germany at the end of the year.
  • Exhibited in Cape Town in Gallery 68, Church Street. the show was co-ordinated by the well known interior designer Peter Visser.
  • A body of my work was exhibited in Tallahassee University, Florida, USA from 2nd - 30th May.
  • My work was chosen to be exhibited in offices in the Trump Towers from the beginning of the year.
  • Goldstar used my work in a TV commercial advertising microwaves and washing machines. My work hung on the walls of the rooms where the items where displayed.
  • Participated in a world wide printmaking exchange where one artist from selected countries around the world was chosen to do an edition of prints which where sent to America. I was the printmaker selected from South Africa.


  • Head of the Printmaking department Parktown College, Johannesburg. Level of pupils range from matric to post-matric. Varied printing techniques are explored.
  • Taught printmaking on a part-time basis to matrics at St. Andrews school, Bedfordview.
  • Worked in art shop on Saturdays to gain knowledge in art materials.
  • Technical assistant to Philippa Hobbs for the 3rd year.
  • Completed part-time Pilot Teachers Training Course at the Technikon of one year duration. Emphasis of the course was on creative and practical methodology.
  • At the beginning of ’96 I was invited by Mark Attwood to complete a scratch lithograph on stone. It was the first time the technique was used in his studio. Since then we’ve developed new processes on aluminium plates.
  • December 1995, M-NET commissioned a print for Red Nose Day (a charity drive for children). The theme for 1996 was “Show how beautiful your heart is”. I completed a colour woodcut which was printed and displayed on billboards throughout South Africa. The work was exhibited and auctioned at the Everard Read Gallery.
  • I was awarded 2nd place on the Kempton Park National Salon.
  • During mid-April I was interviewed by Style magazine. The article was Printed in the August 1996 issue and consisted of a two-page spread including photographs of woodblock prints.


  • Assistant to Philippa Hobbs, involved with printing her works and commissions.
  • Participated in a world wide international print exchange portfolio consisting of 75 participants.
  • Participated in a national print exchange portfolio consisting of 54 artists through the Technikon and Universities.
  • Taught printmaking at St. John’s College to std 7 pupils for a six week period. The coursework covered drypoint etching, challenging the pupils to complete a conceptual artwork.
  • Completed a 6 week lithography course at the Technikon run by master printer Mark Attwood of the artists press.
  • Taught a one week course at a catholic mission station at Bendall near Kuruman in the Western Cape, primary to matric level.
  • Illustrated a Poetry book “A Very Far Place,” for Eleanor Anderson.
  • Completed my National Higher Diploma in Fine Art - 1st solo exhibition at First Gallery, Parkhurst.
  • Of the 60 works on the exhibition, 55 of were sold.
  • Achieved a distinction for the exhibition.


  • Technikon Witwatersrand - accepted for National Higher Diploma in Fine Art, specialising in printmaking.
  • Part-time lecturer to first year students in printmaking at the Technikon.
  • Technical assistant to Philippa Hobbs, assisted with the printing of her work (namely woodblocks and collergraphs). Assisted with the pulling of her prints for the ’94 Biennale (the stunt girl stills series).
  • Completed an “Art and Philosophy - Art, Aesthetics and Criticism” course at the Technikon.
  • Taught STD 9 and matric pupils at St Matthew’s High School, Morocka Soweto. This course ran the duration of the year and enabled pupils to explore art and creativity.


  • Third year subjects: Art of Drawing 111 / History of Art 111 / Sculpture 111 - Major (distinction) / Printmaking 111 - Major / Photography - Minor
  • Approached by St. John’s College to teach pupils from Soweto, Gazankhulu and Alexandra, artistic techniques. I taught every Saturday afternoon for the duration of the year. The programme enabled black pupils to learn art techniques, with the objectives of learning income generating skills (T- shirts designed by the pupils sold to the public). August 1993, trainee and assistant assisting with the painting of murals in a restaurant in Gabarone Botswana. We completed 9 murals.
  • Fine art representative on the SRC board under Julie Offrer (Head of Arts). I organised fine art related functions and distributed information.
  • Awarded a fine art diploma at the end of ’93 with a distinction in sculpture.


  • Second year subjects: Art of Drawing 11 / Techniques & Methods 11 / Sculpture 11 (distinction) / Painting 11 / Printmaking 11
  • Exhibited on the Witwatersrand Technikon fine art exhibition at the Rembrandt van Rijn Gallery and sold work.
  • Collaborated to form a play company which assisted schools in the Gauteng area to produce play. Aspects of theatre were taught, i.e. Lighting, directing, stage set and design and construction of stage sets.
  • Designed, built and painted stage sets for the following schools:
    St. Mary’s - The Pirates of Penzance
    Rodean - The King and I
    St. John’s College - Merchant of Venice


  • Registered for graphic design, changing to Fine Arts in June 1991.
  • First year subjects: Graphic Interpretation 1 (distinction) / History of Art 1 / Space & Volume Studies 1 / Art of Drawing / Form & Colour
  • Exhibited at the Technikon Fine Art exhibition at the Rembrandt van Rijn Gallery (One of two 1st year students invited to exhibit works). Sold work at the exhibition.
  • Employed by Magic Bus Company - responsibilities included transferring passengers to and from Johannesburg International Airport, to hotels in the Johannesburg area.
  • Member of the old Johannian choir - sang at school functions and evensong.

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