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Urbanism 2015 | Halifax Gallery Johannesburg


Urbanism reflects randomly on the relationship between a Euro-African woman and her mother-city, Johannesburg. Architecture, flesh, masculine and feminine states, relationships and isolation, bravery and fear inform this body of work.

A variety of media was explored to produce Urbanism: oil, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, printmaking, photography, digital genres and multi-media installation.

Architect Adolf Loos stated that architecture (the house) is obliged to bring comfort, whereas works of art must produce discomfort and challenge the status quo. In Urbanism, architecture embodies the source of discomfort. Buildings and structures represent masculine strength, beautiful and stoic, apparently fulfilling some grand purpose while the female form embodies fragility, human fickleness and fading physical beauty.

In a wrestling match between artist, medium and message, contrasting subject matter such as relationship, isolation, bravery and fear create tension bringing about theimages. Elements of chaos and violence form part of the creative process asperfectionist takes on flawed humanity.

Mark making is integral to the message. In a repetitive process of covering and exposing, controlling and relinquishing all control, the images are created. Layers are exposed and hidden behind societal masks, revealing unexpected beauty when imperfection and brokenness is embraced.

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