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What I love most about being an artist is the notion that you can employ any medium to explore any field of study that you choose. That is why I describe myself as a mixed media artist and why I would describe my style as eclectic. 

Intrigued by so much that I come across in life, my work encompasses sculpture, installation art, mixed media, photography and digital art. 

My earliest body of work related to my B-Tech Degree, centered around an installation artwork entitled 'Look through my eyes'. In that work I completely immersed myself in my own fantasy world, drawing comparisons between The Russell Hertzsprung Diagram of common stars and the key stages of life, from infancy to middle and late adulthood. In two sculptures, I also compared personality types to the colours of different stars. 

My second body of work and first solo exhibition I called 'A beautiful mind' which centered around mental health disorders. In that work I celebrated the complexity and diversity of the human mind by portraying it as something beautifully unique in every person, and not constrained in any way as either healthy or damaged, along with allied perceptions of right or wrong. My motivation was to diminish the stigma which we attach to some personality traits that causes unnecessary segregation. 

In my third and most recent body of work, I was inspired by my first trip abroad; to London and Venice. Both cities inspired me to move in a completely new direction. Using photography as my starting point and then digitally manipulating those images to reflect the richness of my experiences, which has opened a whole new world for my imagination. 

Looking ahead, I hope to continue to challenge and fulfill myself as an artist by never being afraid to explore all the topics that excite me, with a palette alongside me rich in mediums and techniques that I can draw upon.

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