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Voorburg Art School

Artist Photo

In his art centre in the little hamlet of Great Brak River, halfway between Mossel Bay and George, Artist Spies Venter can concentrate on both his passions, guiding and encouraging students to find their own expressions, and also on his own work – drawing, painting and sculpting.

A former lecturer at two tertiary institutions, in his own space Spies Venter is not bound to follow such a strict academmic approach. But while encouraging creative freedom, ther are of course requirements such as learning to master technical aspects and understanding material. He also offers lectures on art history, and assists students in progressing from a strictly perceptual to a more conceptual approach.

Spies Venter especcialy enjoys guiding school learners in completing the portfolios required for acceptance at tertiary institutions for degrees in fine art, architecture and industrial design. And is proud of the fact that in the six years of its existence, all his Voorburg Art School students wer accepted at the technickons or universities they applied to.