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Speak to Me

Longstreet Art Lovers 1932 Pretoria - August 2014

My exhibition "Speak to me" contains charcoal drawings on paper, which is a cristalizing of my thoughts concerning my physical and social field of references. I am bent on spreading those "things" life are all about and telling a story with the South African social landscape as background.

Race relations, social intercourse, cultural involvement and differences, socio-economical circumstances and gaps, are adressed. I endeavor not to be over intellectual, because it is important to me that the onlooker has to identify with my work. Consequently I rely on my imagination, sense of humor and human knowledge as aid. The imagery I use in my drawings reflects very strongly the diversity - cultural, social, physical and educational of my surroundings. This enhances my work with different feelings of self assuredness,aggression,humor, joy of life and energetic enthusiasm.

My work is strongly illustrative-my experience as professional illustrator reflects in my work. Illustration for me remains an abiding creative and critical concern, a means through which one can bring together distinct bodies of knowledge and spheres of experience.

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